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+81 (0)6-4400-6308

Wizapply Corporation (Corporate Phone Line)

If you have any questions about OEM, customization or products, please contact us.

Wizapply Corporation (Corporate Mail Address)

For exchanging drawings and attachments, if available.
This is the contact point for BtoB.

ANTSEAT customer support

For individual customer questions, problems, replacements, and requests


For individual customers/

Q: Will I still have a 1 year warranty if I drill holes for customization?

A: Unfortunately the warranty is not applicable if you make new holes or if you don’t use the designated oil.

Q: What should I do if the product is defective or parts are missing?

A: We apologize for this.If you send us an image of your original purchase receipt, we will be happy to help you free of charge. (Used items are not covered by the warranty.)

Q: What should I do if I want to send it overseas?

A: It is possible to send it by international courier service, the HS-Code will be 9504. An export certificate can be issued upon request.

Q: How long does it take to deliver ANTSEAT?

A: The delivery date for this item differs for each order. We will let you know when we run out of stock on our website.

Q: Can I request content or development tools?

A: It will be no problem if you have a general-purpose request.If you want to use it exclusively, you may be charged for it, but please contact us for more information.

For corporate customers/

Q: Is the 1 year warranty applicable in case the item is modified and resold?

A: It is possible with our permission. Please contact us for more information.

Q: Is it possible to resell the ANTSEAT?

A: It is possible without our permission. However, you are not allowed to sell reproductions of our ANTSEAT structure.

Q: Is it possible to receive a wholesale price for the ANTSEAT?

A: Primary wholesaling is exclusive to the MoguraVR Store. Please contact Mogura if you wish to make a purchase.

Q: Is it possible to experience a demo of ANTSEAT and have a consultation?

A: This is possible for corporations only. Please contact Co., Ltd. in Osaka or Mogura Co., Ltd. in Tokyo.

Q: Do you offer maintenance support for businesses?

A: Yes it is possible for Japan. We have a contract with an arcade game console maintenance manufacturer. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested.

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