Highly customizable
Optional implementation to fulfill your requirements

ANTSEAT has an excellent customization flexibility for a motion platform.
We are a manufacturer of arcade machines that we deliver to amusement facilities.
Therefore, ANTSEAT is not developed from the start as a product that has been designed to be used in a specific way.
It is highly scalable in terms of both hardware and software, and can be equipped with various options to achieve your requirements.

Original motion simulator
モーションシミュレーター ANTSEAT (アントシート)

You can get parts from the hardware store
Homebrew Sim assembled from parts

There are screw holes in the lower part of the ANTSEAT and the chair attachment part. You can use it as the core of your own simulator by assembling the adjustment parts.

If you want a real simulator, you can use a real car chair as the chair, or you can add an air blower for a more immersive experience.

Research equipment

Research and development equipment
using a wide variety of development kits

ANTSEAT is accompanied by a development kit that we have developed for universities and research facilities, making it possible to develop a wide range of research projects from VR using HMDs to wireless communication.

Because it uses an electric two-shaft motor, its performance is inferior to that of a multi-shaft motor. On the other hand, it is very inexpensive, so it has a relatively strong advantage in terms of price in research and development where it is necessary to operate multiple units at the same time.

We are an Osaka-based company, so if you have any questions, we can support you in Japanese or English and make it easy for you to meet with us. (We also can demonstrate our 6-axis research and development model)

Event equipment
モーションシミュレーター ANTSEAT (アントシート)

Taking advantage of compactness
Using it as event sim

Conventional event simulators cost nearly 1,000,000 yen per unit. Additionally preparing multiple units and the cost of shipping them is a disadvantage.

However, ANTSEAT can be customized to be an eye-catching event machine. If you can design it, you can make a very inexpensive sim. How about changing it to a custom and very unique sim?

Please note it is not durable enough to be installed permanently in an amusement facility. If you want to use it for that purpose, please check out our 4-axis arcade machine.