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About WIZAPPLY Co.,Ltd.

Our parent company Shinobiya.com is an entertainment-oriented company that operates a ninja attraction and store in the TOEI Kyoto Studio Park. We encountered VR in 2013 to pursue the latest technology, and we are a newborn company that was created in 2019 to expand our business by developing experience devices for strong immersion.

We have created the SIMVR, a 4-axis machine for amusement facilities. We’ve received various requests and delivered it to many companies such as Huis Ten Bosch and Nissan. Because we have an affiliated company which is an ironworks company, we have been able to respond flexibly to various requests. Especially our price and the size is a convincing point.

After 5 years of development, we have finally succeeded in developing ANTSEAT, which is small enough to be used at home. We are a small company with only 5 people in the motion sim industry, but as a motion sim development venture from Japan, we are proud to offer our products.

Collaboration wanted

We are looking forward to your collaboration idea with ANTSEAT, or for creating OEM hardware and dedicated software. If you have any requests, such as working with us, we will do our best to meet them. Please feel free to contact us.

Request example #1: Design and manufacturing of original motion sim product

Delivery results: Huis Ten Bosch, New Reoma World, Nissan, Capcom and about 100 other companies.

Request example #2: OEM and customization of hardware and software

Delivery results: About 30 companies, including Nissan, Crypton Future Media, Dospara

ANTSEAT Customize Flight simulator

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Wizapply Corporation (Corporate Mail Address)

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ANTSEAT customer support

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Company Profile

Company name: Wizzaply Co., Ltd
Registered address: Cross Tower Osaka Bay, 1-3-13 Benten, Minato-ku, 552-0007 Osaka, Japan
Headquarter address: KS Bldg 5th Floor, 3-7-10 Ichioka Motomachi, Minato-ku, 552-0002 Osaka, Japan
Director: Yuhei Nishioka (Representative Director), Kazutaka Kato (Representative Director), 3 other directors
Established: September 2019
Capital: 9 million yen

Business Description
Planning, development and sales of consumer electronics products; consulting, planning, construction, production and operation of event and amusement facilities; development and sales of computer peripherals; development, sales, maintenance and management of computer software and data; research and development
Main bank accounts: Kansai Mirai Bank / Osaka City Shinkin Bank
Affiliated companies: Sanpuku Shoji Co., Ltd. / Shinobiya.com Co., Ltd.