A magical device that turns a gaming chair into a motion simulator

ANTSEAT is an innovative, compact motion simulator designed for personal and corporate use.
The special construction allows for a pitch and roll angle equal to or greater than corporate simulators, at an overwhelmingly low price with a size that does not occupy a lot of your living spaces.
A development kit for adding motion is also included to meet a wide range of demands.

モーションシミュレーター ANTSEAT (アントシート)

Add experience to your game

This product is equipped with the ANTSEAT AGENT (free of charge) and is compatible with commercial games, SimTools (free of charge, but some charges apply) and Sim Racing Studio (charges apply) and can be used in conjunction with motion.
You can play more than 80 contents, for example famous racing games like Project Cars series and Dirt series or flight simulations like XPlane11 or Prepar3D.

モーションシミュレーター アントシート

Small but powerful and unique construction

Special biaxial structure originally developed by us

Despite the 2-axis design, the unique structure allows for a pitch roll of ±7 degrees, which is the same or better than corporate motion sims.
The responsiveness is very high and there is no lag, so you can enjoy content with satisfaction.

Powerful vibration system for an enhanced experience

For example, vibrations of a car engine for a driving simulator and the vibrations transmitted to the cockpit of an airplane for a flight sim that enhances the motion-based experience.

フライトシム ANTSEAT (アントシート)
フライトシム ANTSEAT (アントシート)

Ultra compact design that blends in with your living space

Length 16.5in, Weight 16.5in Height 9.4in / Gross weight: 22lbs

Due to its light weight it can be lifted easily.When not in use it can be stored compactlywhile it doesn’t occupy a lot of your living space.

Very low electricity costs

ANTSEAT uses industrial motors which are highly reliable and consume very little power due to special technology.
At the same time, the industrial motor is much quieter than a typical simulator, so it can be used at night with no worries.

From driving simulators to flight sims,
we can handle all kinds of requests

One of the best features of the ANTSEAT is that it is a motion base.

As long as you follow the safety protocols, the ANTSEAT can be used as a core component in any combination, not only with a gaming chair

モーションシミュレーター アントシート

As core part for home-made simulator
You can combine commercially available parts and use them as core parts to build home-made simulators.

モーションシミュレーター アントシート

As research equipment with high degree of freedom of development
For inexpensive development equipment used in research laboratories and universities. VR simulators are also possible by utilizing the SDK for motion simulator development.

モーションシミュレーター アントシート

By far the most affordable event equipment
It can be used as a core part of event equipment with no electrical work required by attaching exterior parts. It can be converted to a flight simulator at an airport or museum or a driving simulator at a driving school or at a circuit.

Information for Developers

Development SDK available

An easy-to-control ANTSEAT SDK (software development kit) is available for developing content, including integration with game engines.

フライトシム ANTSEAT (アントシート)


フライトシム ANTSEAT (アントシート)
ドライブシミュレーター ANTSEAT (アントシート)
フライトシム ANTSEAT (アントシート)
フライトシム ANTSEAT (アントシート)
モーションシミュレーター ANTSEAT (アントシート)

The image shows a prototype. The final version will be a synthetic leather cushion with blue lines as shown in the CG.

Motion simulator ANTSEAT
Release scheduled at the end of November 2020 for 185,900 Yen

ANTSEAT is a motion platform designed for personal and corporate use. It is equipped with the proprietary ANTSEAT AGENT (free of charge), supports SimTools (charges may apply) and Sim Racing Studio (charges apply), and can be used in conjunction with 80 PS4 and xbox contents, making it a core part of homebrew and R&D machines.

A development SDK is included free of charge which includes the game engines Unity and Unreal Engine and a system for adding motion to video timelines, so you can use it for purposes other than gaming.

Contents of the set

AC adapter for ANTSEAT (100W) x 1
LAN cable (10ft) x1
User’s Manual x1
Warranty x 1

Support Information

The product has a warranty of one year from the date of purchase.
We will replace the product free of charge in the case of initial defects or in case of defects due to natural deterioration. Please note that there is no warranty if the product is customized outside the warranty terms or if it is purchased second hand.
Support is available from 9:00am to 6:00pm (JST) on weekdays (excluding weekends and holidays).
We have a contract with an arcade machine maintenance company to provide corporate maintenance support for large installations in Japan. Please contact us for more information.

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